Energy Work + Healing

...through reiki and sound

As a Reiki Master, I facilitate energy healing and attunement. Energy and sound healing bring your body back to neutrality and to a state of relaxation, freedom and calm. When you are in this state, your body’s own self-healing mechanism is activated.

Working with energy flow allows me to perceive multiple layers of what is going on with a person and offer guidance. This one-on-one work allows me to assess your life force and flow and get a deeper level of information about your current strengths and blocks.

The body is a storehouse for physical, mental and emotional events. Energy healing allows one to clear patterns from the body, resulting in a balanced and aligned energy flow. Changing and adjusting this vital flow brings deep healing and rest and helps to clear physical, mental and emotional blocks.  

Energy healing may be stand alone or as an adjunct to Integrative Health coaching as it supports behavioral change in a powerful way.


Energy Work and Healing

Individual 50 min. session - $125
6 session package - $660 (each session will be $110)