Kundalini Yoga + Meditation

I've been practicing yoga since 1994 and teaching since 2007. I'm an experienced Kundalini yoga instructor (E-RYT 200 hr.) and I'm presently obtaining advanced Kundalini certification, as well as RYT 500 hr. status with Yoga Alliance. I've lived and taught yoga and meditation all over the world, and I can help you connect to your inner wisdom and joy through this practice, too.

Are you carrying stress?  All events are stored in the body, including stress and trauma.  

Kundalini yoga is unique and rapidly transformative as it combines mantra, mudra, asana, breath and eye focus. This multi-sensory stimulation has powerful, positive neuro-programming effects. As a result, you may conquer patterns and blocks that you've carried your whole life.  

Kundalini yoga works directly on the nervous and glandular systems. Your strength and flexibility are improved as you center your mind. Flexibility and a flexible spine are good for your body, and good for your nervous system. A strong nervous system builds resilience and strong stress-coping skills.

Classes are open to all fitness levels.  Everyone can do it!  

Meditation and mindfulness have proven positive physical effects on your health and well-being. These practices may help you calm anxiety, enhance your immune system, reduce pain and live with more clarity and focus.  Mindfulness brings your attention to the present moment and can be used to cultivate a sense of deep peace and joy. 


The term kundalini refers to the energy and consciousness which exists within each person. It is your own inner light. The kundalini energy is believed to lie dormant at the base of one's spine, curled like a lock of hair until it is "awakened", rising up the spinal column. Your kundalini can be awakened in different ways. When this happens, it rises up the spine. You may feel heat, a tingling sensation, an emotional rush or a feeling of bliss.

The practice of kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the safest way to awaken this power, as the yoga itself has a focus on strengthening the nervous system so the body is adequately prepared for an influx of this energy.

To learn more about my kundalini practices, check out my Vimeo page.  



Kundalini Yoga + Meditation

Group classes are available at drop-in and package rates.
Individual group classes (drop in rate) as determined by applicable studio package.  

Individual instruction = $120 for 90 minutes